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My journey to healing has been the catalyst to encourage others to reach inward for their own distinction and truth.

who is tracy?

“I’m an ordinary woman who, like you, has been through the many ebbs and flows and ups and downs that come with being human. This has been the very thing that has inspired me to dive deeper into who I really am at the core, and why I’m here. More often than not, I’ve found myself caught  between intrinsic wisdom and societal pressures. I have pledged to others before checking in with myself, so often denying me the pleasure to live honestly and effortlessly, free of limited beliefs and expectations of others.

But life is a journey of being reminded who we are. In everything I do I reach for depth, so when I cut off from my own awareness in an attempt to fit in and survive peer pressures, it felt like I was being suffocated. With a passion for people and an intrigue for how we all relate and interact, I have been led to encourage others to do the same; to reach inward for their own distinct shine.”

A Memoir

An extract from Unlocked – a journey inward to utter truth

“Trapped in a passionless marriage.

So, we become liars. We become liars trapped behind scriptures and moral facades. We learn to hide ourselves behind our reputations, as long as we look good to society. We put others and their aspirations before our own.  We are taught that if we make a promise before God, then that covenant is cast in stone, even if your feelings do not align. That if you were once out of integrity, you can never go back. Even if it means you become a blatant, perpetual liar. We learn that there is no point of return; and no turning forward either.  We learn that where we make our bed, we sleep. We learn that there is no justification solid enough to even tempt squeezing our new, evolved, wiser self through the cracks of a promise once made.

We are told that we are warm when we are cold; that there are many things to be happy about, when we feel sad.

When we cry out that we are hungry – hungry for more – we’re told we should be grateful for the fill we already have on our plates.

We are told how to feel. And we are told how not to feel.

We are moulded into an expectation of uniformity; homogenised into a fictitious ideal of normality.

So, we stay.  And we pretend.

We mask and we ache. With a smile. We laugh when all we really want to do is cry. We close our eyes and focus on the positive and turn away from the knowing – a constant gnawing groan from somewhere deep inside of us. We tell ourselves that we’re being silly – a hopeless reiteration of what we’ve been told is silly. We turn a deaf ear to the loud hungry pangs from our gut.”

“She is water. Powerful enough to drown you; Soft enough to cleanse you; Deep enough to save you.”

Adrian Michael

“And suddenly you know; it is time to start something new, and trust the magic of beginnings.”

Meister Eckhart

“In the end, she became more than what she expected; she became the journey. And like all journeys, she did not end, she just simply changed direction and kept going.”

R M Drake

Certified TRE® Provider

 Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises, or TRE®️, is a technique that helps to release deep muscle tension created in the body during traumatic experiences or chronic stress. A set of simple, innovative movements activate the natural tremor mechanism, allowing the body to let go of any tension that compromises optimal wellbeing. 

Self-actualisation Facilitator

We have every resource within us to live wholeheartedly. I have the tools to guide you to your natural flow and authentic power. I will walk beside you as we adventure through, reaching for relevant modallities and processes to support your transformational journey. Facilitated sessions are available online or in person.

Family Constellations Facilitator

Family Constellations is a therapeutic approach to heal trans-generational pain and patterns, and reveal the hidden dynamics in a family system or relationship. Constellations address a wide range of problems or conditions, even beyond family issues, offering a possibility of deep emotional healing and resolve. 


Are you looking for an authentic message to add value to your private or work event, that is both relatable and actionable?

We are being called to shed the masks that have kept us from radiating our own natural shine, and peel off the layers that are not even ours to wear.

Transpersonal Numerology

Numerology is an in-depth analysis of our archetypical personalities, as well as insight into how to bring the outer personality into alignment with the soul’s purpose. The numbers are derived from our birth dates, of which each number contains their own attributes and vibrations. Numerology offers greater undertanding into our own intrinsic nature as well as how we relate with others.



I share my experiences through my writing, transcribing my journey onto a page.

Perhaps you, my reader, will be inspired to reach for your own insights and truth through my writing, relating it to your story. Perhaps not. We are always exactly where we’re meant to be, at each given moment.


Tracy’s exuberance and passion for life radiates into every heart she touches. She has a natural gift for connection and will guide you towards your own truth, with compassion and tender clarity. She has been a light in our family’s life.

Merinda Westcott


Tracy’s energy is infectious. Being around her authenticity gives me the space to be myself. I cannot help feeling vital. She has a way of opening me up to see issues from a refreshing perspective.

Cheralee Saby


Tracy is a being of light. Not only does she make me laugh till my tummy hurts, she manages to guide me through difficulties with utmost compassion and relevant feedback. She listens with care, insight and understanding – a true asylum for a restless heart.

Kim Irwin